Peacock has finally dropped its first teaser for the upcoming Tiger King drama series. 

The trailer opens up with Carole (Kate McKinnon) pinning up a photo of Joe Exotic (John Cameron Mitchell) onto a bulletin board. 

“This is who we’ve been after. Whoever you are we’re coming for you,” she exclaims. 

As the teaser progresses, the rivalry between Joe and Carole intensifies. 

“She wants to mess with me, I can mess with her,” Joe says.

The trailer then ends with a series of explosive clips featuring helicopters, the police and sticks of dynamite. 

The new show is based on Wondery’s Joe Exotic podcast, which was hosted and reported by Robert Moor.

In an interview with People, series showrunner Etan Frankel described the upcoming project as a “crazy tale”.

“It’s a fun and rich journey into the story of people who live very extreme lives,” he said. 

“When I took on this project a year and a half ago, I found Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin to be utterly fascinating, and this crazy tale about two big cat lovers quickly became an important story for me to tell. 

“I hope that when people watch Joe vs. Carole just maybe they’ll see these people that they thought they knew in a brand-new way.”


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Etan also opened up about McKinnon and Mitchell’s performances and said it was a “thrill” to work with the two comedic actors. 

“We knew it would take two extraordinary actors to portray these larger-than-life people as the complex, three-dimensional individuals that they are,” he explained. 

“John Cameron Mitchell is one of the most gifted and thoughtful actors I’ve ever worked with. He cares so deeply about the work, and his performance is breathtaking. 

“And Kate McKinnon is simply remarkable. She is able to make us double over with laughter one moment and then break our hearts the next. It was an absolute thrill to watch these two exceptional actors morph into these roles.”

Back in 2020, the first season of Tiger King made its debut on Netflix. 

The series garnered significant attention on social media, with the show’s bizarre characters – including Exotic, Baskin, his plethora of husbands and fellow conservationists – spawning meme after meme.

Due to the series popularity, Netflix greenlit an additional season following Exotic’s imprisonment and the ongoing controversy surrounding Don Lewis’s disappearance. 

Joe vs Carole premieres on Peacock streaming service on 3 March. 

Watch the full teaser below or by clicking here.