HBO has released the first sneak peek into the live-action adaptation of Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us video game. 

Back in 2020, the popular cable network announced that it was making a series based on the LGBTQ+ inclusive action-adventure game. 

Over the last couple of years, new information and photos regarding the highly anticipated show has slowly been released – including the casting of Game of Thrones stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie.

However on 21 August, fans were finally treated to the first footage from the upcoming series, and it is glorious. 

At the start of the short teaser, we see Joel and Ellie walking across a snowy bridge in a post-apocalyptic world. 

The teaser then switches to a shot of the two sheltered in an abandoned building before Ellie says: “Everybody I’ve cared for has either died or left me.”

In response, Joel coldly replies: “You have no idea what loss is.” 

Towards the end of the teaser, more clips of Ellie and Joel flash across the screen before it showcases a person infected by the mutated Cordyceps fungus. 

Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman and Dumbo actress Nico Park also appear in the 20-second footage as Bill and Sarah, respectively.

Shortly after the teaser was released, fans took to social media to express their excitement for the series. 

One fan wrote: “No because Pedro sounded a lot like Joel??? I’m actually so excited for The Last Of Us HBO series OMG!”

Another fan tweeted: “The Last of Us HBO looks so good. Even though it was 20 seconds. I don’t care. It looks like the game came to life. I’m so excited.” 

Like its source material, The Last Of Us series is set to take place 20 years after a deadly pandemic decimated modern civilisation. With humanity on its last legs, Joel is tasked with smuggling 14-year-old Ellie across an abandoned United States. 

“What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey, as they both must traverse the US and depend on each for survival,” reads the logline, as reported by Deadline.

The Last Of Us is also expected to feature a bevvy of queer characters who were beautifully established in the award-winning game.

Back in 2021, the show’s writer Craig Mazin assured fans on social media that the series adaptation would keep LGBTQ+ representation within the storyline.

After a fan tweeted, “keep the gay gay. Pls and thank you. Do not erase that representation pls. Anyways, I’m so excited for this,” to which Mazin responded: “You have my word.”

The Last Of Us is set to premiere sometime in 2023.

Check out the first footage of the upcoming series here or below.