Alexandra Gray on MACGYVER, Fridays on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Photo: CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Alexandra Grey is tipped to play the role of a transgender female engineer in the action-adventure series MacGyver.

Known for her latest role in the indie film Gossamer Folds, Grey will be returning to our screens once again.

The actress is set to play the character of Parker; a transgender female Phoenix engineer who will support MacGyver and the Phoenix team.

Backed by the current Director of Operations of The Phoenix Foundation aka Matty Webber (Meredith Eaton), Parker has been brought in as a new member of the crew.

As the debate of whether straight actors should play LGBTQ+ characters continues to unfold, it looks like the film and TV industry are finally taking notice.

Following Netflix’s incredible documentary Disclosure, attitudes towards trans integration and representation on-screen seems to have positively changed.

CBS’s choice to cast Grey looks like an active step forward to challenge the on-going erasure and stereotyping of trans individuals and the roles they play.

Grey celebrated the news online in a tweet that read: “This is pretty amazing! I love this show!!!!! So glad to be apart of the fam!!!!! I’m blessed!!!!!!!”


Alongside guest roles on hit shows such as Code Black and How to Get Away with Murder, Grey also took part in HBO Max’s four-part LGBTQ+ series Equal.

Narrated by Billy Porter, the series spotlighted landmark events in LGBTQ+ history and featured a mixture of archival footage and modern scripted reenactments.

Alexandra Grey’s first episode on MacGyver will air March 12 on CBS.