These adverts for women’s suits are using naked men as props, and it’s brilliant

Courtesy of Suistudio

Category is: Flipping gender roles on their head.

Women’s suiting company Suistudio, based in Amsterdam, is taking a bold approach with their new Autumn advertising campaign, and it’s going viral for all the right reasons.

The campaign consists of a series of photos depicting impeccably dressed, powerful women in luxury apartments sporting the brand’s collection of suits, blazers and blouses.

Oh, and each image features a totally naked man.

Before anyone starts claiming ‘reverse sexism’ or the ‘the objectification of men’, it’s worth remembering that fashion photography has a long history of reducing women to being props for men to appear more powerful.

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So what’s a modern women’s clothing company to do? Flip this trope on its head, of course. The men in the photos are faceless, blurred in the background, cropped out of the frame, or draped face down on the couch like a throw.

Meanwhile, the women are confident and empowered, staring directly down the camera’s lens.

“We specialise in suits, but we’re not dressing men,” reads the campaign’s slogan.

Check out the impressive photos below.

In the Buff. It’s time to go nude. #SUISTUDIO #NOTDRESSINGMEN #womeninbusiness #officewear

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You can see Suistudio’s full range of women’s suits (and their Autumn campaign photos) over on their website.



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