These 7 things are our mood for this week

Sometimes it’s just a mood.

Nothing more, nothing less – whether it’s a meme that explains to others why you look like shit, or it deciphers your new moustache which is your forever mood for spring 19, it’s become part of your vernacular. And why? Because it’s a mood.

Here’s 7 things that we’re vibing this week, right from Jacquemus-clad hairy chests to Princess Diana in period costume.


Every since mentioning Ecce Ruben in ‘genius creatives to follow’, we’ve been doing just that, and this tribute to Jacquemus’ new Citron cafe is what we’re going to be feeling for summer. Too much chest hair, too little clothing, right down to those baggy straight boy boxers, we can only hope it’s paired with an awkward cap.

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Ecce Ruben 🍋 @jacquemus #jacquemus

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This woman is a genius. Style writer for GQ Rachel Seville Tashjian or on instagram @theprophetpizza, she has a small (yet completely warranted) addiction to both the Olsen Twins and Princess Diana and likes to share their many likenesses in her posts. It sounds batshit cray but it’s really just pure art – somebody call the Moma.



Instagram’s favourite copy-cat call out site took joking around for April Fools to a whole new level when they announced they were selling their account on Ebay. Cue outrage from the likes of Bella Hadid and mourning from an army of devoted fans.

Only to reveal it was all a joke and leaving us all next level shook.

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Hi Dieters! On December 14th, 2014, we started Diet Prada for shits and giggles. 4+ years and 1.2 million followers later and look at what we’ve achieved together. There have been too many epic takedowns/callouts to recap, but nothing has meant more than growing the community and meeting/chatting with so many amazing people through this account. Recently, we’ve been listening to your feedback the past several months and you’re all right…we shouldn’t be doing any sponsored content. Although we’ve been doing less than a dozen per year, it’s more important to maintain its integrity. Honestly, the Kardashians don’t even pay us enough to keep talking about them and are difficult to work with lol, so it’s back to the work force for us! We’ve got bills to pay just like everyone else 🙂. Although we’re moving on from this phase of our life, we still believe wholeheartedly in the mission of Diet Prada, so we’re putting up the account and password on eBay. Anyone who is serious about bidding, we just ask that you DM or e-mail us first so we can make sure to find the best fit possible! FYI the winning bid also includes our personal mobile numbers and e-mails to consult during the transition. Link in bio to bid. Love you all and DP 4ever 🙌. • #dietprada #instagram #auction #ebay #ebayseller #instagramaccountforsale #1millionfollowers #sale #fashion #fashionnews #media #startup #wiwt #ootd #callout #shade #accountability #fashionindustry #fashionweek #readytowear #couture #newyork #nyc #newyorkcity #business #dietprada

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We’re here for it, all of it. Drink it, wear it, be it.

It’s a look. The oil-spill visor, the leopard print slides, the underwear which really isn’t practical as swimwear but we love it anyways and then a neon yellow cross-body fanny pack. We’re booking a holiday immediately to try it ourselves, Sitges better watch TF out.

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My go-to Mexico look 🌴👬🌮😎☀️🌊

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A cropped sweater, the face of an angel and some white boxer-briefs is the only way you’ll see us in summer (we’ll have to work out the logistics as it’s nay practical), but we really just want to see more cropped sweaters for summer, because it’s a mood.



Photographer Craig Whitehead is the man behind the incredible street photography of @sixstreetunder and we’re obsessed. A thoughtful look through the intimate windows of London that Mr Whitehead captures so beautifully – it’s a must follow for anyone interested in photography.



Pretty as a picture and the break we all need from real life. Brought to you from Plate Restaurant in Shoreditch, their afternoon tea is everything you needed to feel better about everything TBH.



A few fave pieces we’re loving right now…



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