Turkey’s Hair Transplant Tourism: Visit Istanbul and recover your hair.

Ever thought of going on holiday and recovering your hair all at once?

Hair transplantation is prominent among the most rapidly developing techniques in the aesthetic medical procedure. The ongoing advances in innovation and the idea of utilizing follicular unit grafting have made hair transplantation to achieve new height. The capacity to deliver extremely common outcomes has empowered a bigger number of bald men and women to choose this medical treatment.

Hair loss may be the result of different conditions like thin scalp, depression and side effects of a few medicines. Half of the men population experience hair loss to some extent until they reach 50 years of age. However, many men face this problem before this age. Hair transplant in Turkey is one of the highest employed methods to counter hair loss. The technique ensures high quality at a low price.

In Turkey, almost 500 hair transplants take place every week.

According to a report, in Turkey, approximately 500 cases of hair transplants are dealt every week. In 2016, 65% of foreign patients had undergone hair transplant surgery out of every 100,000 procedures carried out in Turkey. The expense of hair transplants ranges from £1,000 to £2,000, depending upon the type of operation you prefer. This is the main reason, why Turkey has become a desirable destination for hair transplantation among men of Europe, and particularly from the UK.

Most of the patients belong to Europe and particularly from the UK.

Since decades, Turkey has been regarded as a top-notch tourist destination where millions of people visit each year. In 2017, almost 1.7 million British nationals have visited Turkey and most of them were medical tourist that visited Turkey for hair transplant.  Turkey has established an impressive reputation as the last resort for affordable hair transplant through state of the art technology and top-class equipment along with highly experienced surgeons.

With these cutting-edge services, Turkey has been attracting thousands of tourists from the Europe, especially from the United Kingdom. Moreover, in the UK, the cost of hair transplant surgery is approximately £12,000, which is out of the budget for the most ordinary Brits. However, the medical expense of hair transplant is quite low such as £1,300. Therefore, British people prefer to travel to Turkey for hair transplant instead of having it at home.

 Istanbul’s hair transplant became popular due to personal recommendations.

The personal referral was the reason behind success and popularity of Istanbul’s hair transplant surgery initially. Now a day’s many companies in Europe organize medical trips to Istanbul. Turkey offers easy holiday policies, that is why many patients of European countries stay at least a week in Istanbul. They undergo surgery procedures first and then explore the city. They also get any necessary follow-ups during their stay in the city. It is common practice in Istanbul that many foreign and local patients use E-mail and WhatsApp to take appointments and send photos in order to show their progress to their doctors.

The communication method employed by all of the patients is WhatsApp because it’s so visual. The doctors demand photos from patients on a weekly and monthly basis. Usually this method is used to check the patients progress.

Top of reasons for having hair transplant in Turkey

1. Quality And Expertise 

In fact, Turkish doctors started research and training in the field of FUE long before other researchers and doctors in the UK and USA. Therefore, Turkish doctors hold an edge in quality and expertise regarding hair transplantation procedure that is hard to find in other countries.

2. It Is Inexpensive

Hair transplantation is one and probably the best solution to your hair loss problem but this process is very costly. Doctors in the UK may charge approximately £12,000. Although many clinics in Turkey offer alternatives employing surgical techniques and medical care similar to that of Europe but they are much more economical (90% less expensive). Moreover, patients can also add up accommodation costs in the hair transplant package. Many clinics in Turkey also provide accommodation facility (five or four star hotels) for their patients during their stay for hair transplant.

3. State of The Art Hospitals

Furthermore, in Turkey, hair transplantation is carried out in proper hygienic conditions to avoid all risks during the procedure. Just like medical facilities of the UK, Turkey has specialists in hair transplantation that ensure successful result at highly economical price.

4. Magical City of Istanbul

Thousands of medical tourists from EU visit Istanbul each year for hair transplant. After transplantation, they avail the opportunity to experience the social and cultural life of this magical city. Besides, Istanbul has tons of delightful tourist destinations and patient travelling for hair transplants in Turkey also visit this cultural centers of the world they have the opportunity to experience.


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