6 jackets to tackle trans-seasonal outerwear

Is it cold, is it hot? Is it snowing? Is it raining? Do we need to wear salopettes or a crop top and daisy dukes?

Ah, the many questions we ask ourselves before leaving the house every day (in that exact order). Will it be warm today, or if we decide to just wear a jumper will we die of frostbite on the morning commute?

Here’s 6 jackets to fend off the chill..

Officine Generale suede field jacket – Shop now

The field jacket entered our closets this time last year and since then we’ve worn it every single way possible and we’re still so here for it. Layer it, wear it over your shoulders, dress it up or down, it’s a staple that will work hard in your wardrobe.

Topman Hymn navy overshirt – Shop now

An overshirt is great for that extra layer of protection, but without making you all hot under the collar… literally. Layer it over a t-shirt and some slim-fit jeans, finished with fresh sneakers.

APC denim jacket – Shop now

When has a denim jacket ever failed you? Never, that’s when. (Well, maybe in the rain, but that’s besides the point…)

Hecho shawl-collar robe – Shop now

A kimono style jacket is perfect for those of you that want to make a statement. This one is perfect to be worn layered now and with cropped jeans in the summer.

Acne Studios suede aviator jacket – Shop now

The flight jacket will become your new best friend. Forget your overcoat now the temperature has changed from freezing to mild and embrace the shearling aviator.

Jack Wills Car coat – Shop now

A quilted jacket is a country classic. Repeat.



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