Fancy a festive getaway this holiday season?

Don’t fancy spending Christmas in the house this year? Well you’re in luck, because we’ve researched high and low for places for you to getaway this festive season, whether it’s here in the UK or abroad.


A festive season fit for nothing but a king. This is the expectation of any traveller venturing up North and beyond the stone walls of Yorkshire for a traditional Christmas celebration.

A historical spin on the holiday feast awaits, as Lendal Tower’s medieval past looms over the celebratory garments of York. The 700-year-old building shadows the seasonal instalment of alpine chalets, allowing holidaymakers to take in the beauty of festive Yorkshire from a height. The residence packs an eerie mixture of Christmas charm and historic importance, as it accommodates travellers within its stern stone walls.

Despite recent renovations that morph the tower into equal parts traditional and contemporary lodge, the venue still retains its monumental sobriety, swiftly represented through a ship style ladder. The kings choosing Lendal Tower this Christmas will be met with four-poster beds and even chromotherapy spa features, in a continued commitment to parallel the old with the new in the heart of York.

The passion for medieval festivities can be traced onto the winter Yorkshire streets. The Elizabethan Christmas spirit engulfs the city, stretching from the alpine-inspired St. Nicholas’ market and all the way through the cobbled streets of the famous Shambles. The overhanging timber-framed buildings echo a specific kind of magic, one that shines brightest against the long December nights.

Stepping away from the festive inclination, visitors are also invited to immerse in the particular Yorkshire charm, one that comes disguised as spooky ghost walks and impeccable fish and chips. Whatever it is you’re looking for, December up North is sure to provide.

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Swap the cosy Christmas months for an unlikely Cypriot delight. An endless summer does not even begin to scratch the surface of Cyprus’ versatile offerings, the island effortlessly shifting to respond to any season and taste.

The year-round Mediterranean climate morphs into a comfortable 19 degrees for December, twisting the weather expectations for the holiday season. The mild winter is enhanced by temptations of endless beach strolls, a feature that only becomes more romantic under the late Cypriot sun. With your villa being a stone’s throw away from the village of Pissouri, this proposition will look all the more appealing.

Forget all inclination to dub the island a summer destination and dive into the possibility of a festive period like no other. With the Eastern Mediterranean island enjoying over 320 days of sunshine, it is almost certain that its rays will be shining over your yuletide feast in a holiday that is bound to spoil both yourself and your taste buds.

The 12 mandatory Cypriot Christmas dishes come disguised in a versatile palette ranging from turkey to chicken, with travellers being invited to dive into the traditional ‘Koulouri’, before they try their luck at finding a lucky coin amidst the delicious New Year’s Eve Vasilopita. Make the most of your villa’s terrace and serve dinner outside against the backdrop of the late December sun setting on the Mediterranean Sea.

Those looking to spend December away from the potential of a white Christmas will be immersed in a culinary extravaganza of Mediterranean passion, a thread that runs throughout the heart of the island. Cruise beyond the Paphos beaches and embrace the winter celebrations for an experience to exceed all expectations.

Any adventurers celebrating the Christmas holidays in a villa should not miss a stroll down the harbours. The island festivities promise to be in full swing, in a display that promises to lure even the most sceptical of naysayers!

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