Grag Queen wants to “show the world some Brazility” by hosting a Brazilian edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The fierce entertainer, who was catapulted to superstardom last year after conquering the first season of Queen of the Universe, praised Brooke Lynn Hytes’ work on the Canadian spin-off and said she would “love” to follow in her footsteps as a host.

“I feel like Brooke Lynn Hytes is running Canada’s Drag Race so well and I think – promotion time! – I have something very cool to be among those judges. I have Michelle Visage’s blessing, so I think it would be amazing,” Grag Queen told GAY TIMES.

The star then seemingly addressed the producers at World of Wonder as she continued: “Just let me know, guys! You got my number, you got my social media, just let me know! I’ll be there smiling as fuck and judging this house!

“If we have a Drag Race in Brazil… Girl. We’re going to show the world some Brazility!” 

Grag Queen received universal acclaim from fans and critics for her stint on Queen of the Universe. The international drag-singing competition, hosted by Graham Norton, sees some of the world’s most talented drag performers compete in front of a pop diva panel, consisting of Leona Lewis, Michelle Visage, Trixie Mattel and Vanessa Williams.

Following six intergalactic episodes with powerhouse vocals from British, Indian, French, Italian, Mexican, Australian, Chinese, Danish and Brazilian talent, Grag Queen was named the inaugural Queen of the Universe and received $250,000 (which converts to just under 1.4 million Brazilian Real) – the highest ever total for a drag-centric competition series.

“It’s so crazy! It’s unreal,” said Grag Queen. “Every time somebody puts it in words, congratulating me for being Queen of the Universe, I feel amazing – especially as a Brazilian queen who has been through a lot of stuff.

“In Brazil, things for queer people are very different. Knowing that Queen of the Universe is a Brazilian bitch is so amazing.”

In our interview with the star, Grag Queen said she wants to use her newfound platform to raise awareness of anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination and violence in Brazil as a result of President Jair Bolsonaro’s homophobic administration.

“Right now, we are still the country with the most killings of LGBTQ+ people in the world,” she explained. “It’s so crazy being Queen of the Universe in the country. I still feel like Queen of the Universe, extremely powerful, but I am afraid to leave my house in drag. It’s not about dying, it’s about getting killed.

“It’s extremely hateful, we have stories here where people are dragged until they die. We still have a president that is extremely openly homophobic and transphobic, he goes against all of our existence. So, we’re struggling a lot.”

Grag continued: “It really has to change. I don’t know which fucking language I have to speak, or which song I’ll have to sing, I just really want to be a part to change this because it’s not right.”

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