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Drag Race UK’s latest crowned queen, Danny Beard, has revealed what it takes to emerge victorious from the show and shared why winning was a “humbling” experience for them.

During their time on season four, Danny won a total of four maxi-challenges and never fell into the bottom – giving them one of the best track records of all time.

Speaking to GAY TIMES at DragCon, they joked that all someone needs is to be “really fucking talented” in order to win Drag Race.

“I think you’ve got a bit of luck of the draw, you’ve got to play the game a little bit but don’t be anything other than yourself,” they continued.

“And when I say ‘play the game a little bit’, I just mean be aware that we are making a TV show, you know?

“You want to be entertaining, so be a bit shady if it’s natural for you to do that, or, you know, I think the main thing is to have fun – and I had fun, the most fun when I was there.”

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Danny has been doing drag for more than 10 years and, prior to appearing on Drag Race UK, was one of the country’s most well-known performers.

Despite this, they still get starstruck at events like DragCon when they see fellow queens from the franchise.

“It’s really humbling and it’s really validating and it’s nice at this point in my career to do this,” they said of being among the likes of Jinkx Monsoon in the winner’s circle.

“I think if I’d have done this 10 years ago when I started, or eight years ago when I was a baby queen, I think maybe I would have let it go to my head a bit.

“A lot of people tell you, ‘You’re amazing, you’re an icon’ and I think some people get into the habit of believing that and I think I’ve got a good set of friends and a good set of people around me that keep me being me.

“And this is a job at the end of the day, but I feel so blessed because I absolutely love it.”

DragCon UK took place at ExCeL London from 6-8 January 2023 and tickets for DragCon LA can be found here.