Will Young reveals why he scrapped a gay kiss from his All Time Love video


Will Young has opened up about being an out gay man in the music industry.

In the first episode of his new podcast Homo Sapiens with Chris Sweeney, available for free on iTunes now, the pop star discusses how he was dissuaded from doing an on-screen gay kiss, and dancing with a male mannequin in a music video.

He said: “I remember years ago, I’d probably left T4 or something like that, and was off to a premiere, it was for the song All Time Love and they said, ‘What do you feel about kissing a man on the lips in the video?’.

“I actually rang up my mum and dad, and they were both like ‘Yeah, fuck it, do it’. But I didn’t do it, everyone agreed no, but actually that was only because I was thinking of my career.

“Do the maths – how many people want to see a man kiss a man, in comparison to how many people don’t? More people don’t. But now I slightly regret it.”

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He then went on to talk about a conversation he had with his record label about him dancing with a male mannequin in the music video for Let It Go…

“I danced with a male mannequin and the record company started saying things, trying to get around the fact that they couldn’t say ‘We shouldn’t have this in the video’, because that would seem too homophobic,” he recalled.

“I think one of the marketing guys, I won’t name him, but I’ll put it on Twitter, he said ‘Oh well I just think it would be a reflection of the downward turn of Will’s career’.

“Basically what he wanted to say was ‘He’ll lose records by dancing with a male mannequin’, and to be honest I probably have done. “

Also in the first episode, the pair interviewed journalist Owen Jones, who opened up about his own experiences, being in love with his best-friend who was a Christian Fundamentalist, and of coming out of the closet.

“I just didn’t want to be gay, that’s the brutal truth of it,” he said. “I convinced myself I was bisexual. Bi now, gay later. It’s terrible for genuine bisexuals that, people like me that… people like me who have problems.

“The reason I came out was because I met this guy, who was captain of the rowing team, and when I started going out with him there was a logical ‘Might was well come out now I suppose’.”

Will and Chris’ podcast is available to listen on iTunes now, with new episodes released weekly.

For more information visit homosapienspodcast.com



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