Welsh Conservative AM says teachers need to do more to combat LGBT+ bullying in schools


His comments come after Stonewall’s recent report on LGBT+ bullying in Wales…

Mohammad Asghar, Conservative AM for South Wales East, has called on teachers to do more to combat LGBT+ bullying in schools.

A recent report from Stonewall Cymru found that 54% of young LGBT+ students had faced bullying in school. The figures shot up to 73% for transgendered students – with 41% of them attempting to take their own lives.

Asghar noted that only a quarter of teachers had intervened when faced with LGBT+ bullying, calling it “very concerning and disturbing.”

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Speaking to the Welsh Assembly, he said: “Stonewall Cymru is calling for all school staff to be trained in tackling anti-LGBT bullying and for Estyn to play an active role in ensuring that schools create a safe environment for LGBT pupils.”

He then called on the Welsh Education Secretary, Kirsty Williams, to take action.

In response, Williams said that anti-bullying policies were being updated, and teachers were being offered more support.

She then said: “One of the other things we also need to do is ensure that our children have access to top-quality sex and relationship education, because educating children is the best way to try and prevent bullying.”

Although, LGBT+ bullying may be high in Wales, this is not the case in England, where instances have fallen over the past five years, and over 1,000 schools have signed up to a project to combat the problem.



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