Shade! Bianca Del Rio destroys right-wing Ann Coulter in Twitter feud 

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*Fetches popcorn*

In an unexpected interaction, conservative political commentator Ann Coulter and our favourite viper-tongued queen Bianca Del Rio went head-to-head in a Twitter feud. Unsurprisingly, Ann was left crispy after the inevitable burn…

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It all began when Ann launched a Twitter tirade against Delta Air Lines after her seat was given to another passenger. She had booked an extra storage seat with a window seat, which she then changed to an aisle seat with less than 24 hour until the flight.

Poor unfortunate Ann was left realigned when she found that another passenger was sitting in the seat that she booked last minute. She not only tweeted out hate towards the airline, but launched a personal attack on the passenger by sharing a photo of her along with several insults.

Many came to the defence of Delta, including RuPaul’s Drag Race season six winner Bianca, who shared a post on Instagram calling Ann a “rotted cunt”.


Ann responded with a comment on Bianca’s post, sarcastically calling her ‘classy’ and adding: “Hate me as much as you can.”

But as any Drag Race fan knows, there’s only one queen of shade, and that’s Bianca.

“YES, I AM ‘CLASSY’… FIRST CLASSY,” she wrote back to Ann. There was even a hashtag #CoachFlyingCunt thrown in for extra effect.

THIS BITCH……..@anncoulterofficial ????????@delta ???????????????? #tryme #nottodaysatan

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Words Ifan Llewelyn



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