The music video for The Vivienne and Tia Kofi’s “festive” collaboration, Jingle Bell Rock, has been released – and it’s a serve.

Produced by Simon Jones and Julian Wharton, the electro-pop track offers a fun and unique spin on the song.

It marks the first collaboration between the Drag Race UK icons, with The Vivienne previously joking that they chose the track to cover simply because they “knew the words.”

Premiering on GAY TIMES on 6 December, the Hugh Purves-directed music video sees Tia and The Vivienne enjoy a glass of champagne as they celebrate “Christmas, and associated holidays!”

The two then lip-sync to the track in front of a colourful backdrop before engaging in the typical drag queen festivities, such as having a sexy topless man seductively feed you mince pies.

With cameos from River Medway, Jade Phoenix and Seriah Sis, the Jingle Bell Rock video is full of all the camp humour you could need during the holiday season.

“Who’s that on the roof? Oh girl it’s the bailiffs,” The Vivienne tells Tia in one scene. “Tia, hide your RuPeter badges – oh… never mind!”

At the time of the song’s release, The Vivienne told GAY TIMES that the song always reminds her of the holiday season and, of course, Mean Girls.

She said: “It reminds me of having a drink on Christmas Eve, spending time with family…..and most importantly, the thigh slap in Mean Girls!”

Tia added that she loves the “classic festive bop” because it reminds her “of that iconic Mean Girls moment,” adding that the collaboration gives it a “camp twist.”

Both queens have released music over the last year, as well as touring the UK and re-opening London’s West End with their ‘Drag Queens Of Pop’ theatre show.

When it comes to their all-time favourite LGBTQ+ Christmas anthem, both agreed that Last Christmas by Wham! is top of the list.

Tia did, however, tell GAY TIMES that S Club 7 has a place in her heart: “Although I think S Club 7 really said gay rights with Never Had A Dream Come True.

“Rachel Stevens in a gorgeous white faux fur winter coat…iconic!”

Tia’s debut EP Part 1: The Damage was released in September and hit number three on iTunes.

The Vivienne’s cover of You Spin Me Round, which was premiered by GAY TIMES, was produced by dance-pop guru Initial Talk and instantly became a fan favourite.

The music video for Jingle Bell Rock is out now and can be watched below or by clicking here.