This is the kind of feel-good energy we all need right now.

London-based singer-songwriter Philip Brooks has premiered the music video for their new single I’m So In Love With All My Friends exclusively here on GAY TIMES.

The soaring track hears the star backed by a choir of some exciting rising talent including Moyka, Tamzene, Abbie Ozard, Ella Jane, Odina, and many more.

“I wanted to write a love song for my platonic friends, because deep platonic love is so underrated in my opinion,” says Philip. “Feeling both emotionally and physically distanced from my loved ones over the last few months led me to reflect on that, and writing this song helped me manifest that deeply loving people platonically is okay and enough and actually it’s really awesome.”

This new release is the first for Philip Brooks after they spoke publicly about identifying as non-binary.

“Throughout lockdown I had a big identity crisis in music, gender and personality and felt like I haven’t been true to myself in a long while,” Philip wrote on Instagram. “Trying to fight off accepting being non-binary and just having changed a lot as a person. I felt that reflected in myself but also the music I put out over the last year.

“I thought so much about the music that is expected of me and tried to stick to my ‘old sound’ for the sake of it and with that alienated myself from my own project. I just want to be true to myself in the things I release and see myself and my emotions in them.”

Philip added that they have removed their past work from music streaming services in the meantime, but will be working to re-release them under a new pseudonym.

“I spent my whole life moulding myself to fit what people around me want me to be or do and I’m done with that,” they said. “Here’s to unapologetically being yourself without giving a shit what or who anyone else wants you to be.”

Philip Brooks’ new single I’m So In Love With All My Friends is available to stream and download now.