Ellie Prohan Presents EnGayged is a new regularly-updated playlist curated for GAY TIMES and exclusively available on Apple Music that will spotlight, celebrate and support LGBTQ+ artists and our allies in hip-hop.

This month, Ellie has refreshed the playlist with undeniable anthems from Saweetie, Kidd Keo featuring Young MA, and Star Cats featuring Keke Palmer.

“New year new bad B! So I started the year by paying £7 for my 2021 horoscopes in hope that it would say COVID-19 would magically disappear. It didn’t,” says Ellie.

“But it says this is an exciting year for you, full of different energies, different options, various possibilities and numerous choices.

“So I present your January playlist of exactly those things. I’ve added everyone from KeKe Palmer to London On The Track, as well as undiscovered and emerging artists like Persian/Latino rapper Torro7, to Culture queen Arrii Lopez. Start as you mean to go on.. be open. The best £7 I ever spent!”

New tracks added to this month’s playlist also includes Didn’t Have A Thing by Yilzz-, Bolt by OMB Bloodbath, and I Ain’t Cheap by Stickzodt featuring Sfizz.

Each month, Ellie will refresh the playlist with emerging talent, the hottest new tracks, and classic anthems that will empower and educate the listener on the intersection of hip-hop and queerness in the 21st century.

You can add Ellie Prohan Presents EnGayged to your Apple Music library now.