Get ready to tap into some spiritual depth realness.

NEO 10Y new track Unrelatable Autosexual is a genre-bending self-love that touches the soul. 

The record is backed by a trap-pop production and filled with empowering and insightful lyrics. 

Speaking on the track and it’s emotional meaning NEO 10Y, states: “On the surface, it’s a moody and tongue in cheek grunge-trap-ethereal self-love uber-amplified kinda vibe, because I do feel we need some of that energy right now.”

They continued: “At the core, the message is oneness, akin to Stan Yourself but amped up – for world peace.” 

The British singer-songwriter began to make waves in 2016 with their controversial three-part music video for The Kid That Killed Tr*mp, which depicted them having sex with a man in a Donald Trump mask before setting them on fire.

Over the years NEO 10Y – birth name Nik Thakkar – has made their stamp on the music industry with millions of streams for their dark-pop anthems and countless protests on the BBC and National Geographic. 

We can’t wait to see more from NEO 10Y in the future. 

Make sure to listen to their new track Unrelatable Autosexual below or here.