Credit: Gus Black

If you’re a fan of Ethel Cain or Phoebe Bridgers, Maddie Zahm is one for you.

Needled with intricate lyrics, Zahm brilliantly captures the nuances of the queer female experience across her sound.

In her new track, Step On Me, the musician explores her experiences with her first-ever queer break-up. The release of Zahm’s single follows her highly praised debut EP, You Might Not Like Her.

Reflecting on the song, the singer shared: “I look back fondly at the time we were together. It’s unfortunate to leave a situation and realise that you’d rather have them run your name into the ground than stay in love with you.

“As a triple water sign, writing a ‘fuck you’ song feels nearly impossible especially when the person you’re writing songs about is someone you think highly of! But this breakup left me a bit confused. Partly because it was my first deep relationship with a girl and also because we both are a little (a lot) dramatic.

“I walked into the studio and said “isn’t it about time we stop over-romanticizing this shit & start capitalizing on it??” and thus “STEP ON ME” was born. It’s the closest thing I’ve really gotten to a “fuck you” song. I hope that she wins Grammys & I hope I’m watching from home!”

Zahm has also released a music video to accompany the single. “This song is me, asking my ex to please kindly put the love song she wrote about me in the vault and start ripping me to shreds musically. That was the only way I knew we were able to get over it!,” the artist shared about the visualiser.

“I thought the concept of a musician overtaking my own music video and my own band at my own concert would be a great way to portray this song. It’s a messy thing realizing that two people aren’t compatible and hoping that they were able to succeed even if it means that you don’t. And that’s the chaos that is this music video. Step on me to have it all!”

Step On Me is out now via AWAL Recordings and you can watch the music video for the new single below.