Lil Nas X has responded to the latest homophobic rant from rapper Boosie Badazz.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club radio show, Boosie launched into a rant about Grammy Award-winning Lil Nas X.

“I gotta speak up because as far as straight people in the world, you don’t have any opinion no more on sexuality. Everything is harm,” Boosie said when he was asked to explain previous homophobic comments made about the 22-year-old.

In the past, Boosie has threatened Lil Nas X over live performances he has seen from the performer, claiming that he would “drag his ass offstage and beat his ass” if he saw him.

Boosie added: “If you say anything — ‘I’m straight, I like women’ — it’s vulgar too, you know.

“You can’t brag on really smashing or your sexuality no more. It’s ran by LGBTQ [people].”

In a bid to perpetuate the narrative that LGBTQ+ celebrities impose their identities on young people, Boosie said: “Who love these rappers? The kids.

“If you make every rapper go with this…you grab that generation. I loved every rapper when I was little, you know? I tried to copy what they did. It’s a new day now, and I feel like they’re pushing it on our kids.”

Boosie’s comments managed to catch the attention of Lil Nas X, who appeared unbothered by what was said and used the interview as a way to plug his latest song.

Responding to a clip of the interview on Twitter, the rapper and singer-songwriter wrote: “Wow…. this is insane. Almost as insane as my new single ‘Industry Baby’ which is out now!”

Lil Nas X’s latest single, Industry Baby, reached the top 10 in the UK and the top two in the US, with the title track and lead single for his upcoming album Montero topping the charts in both countries and becoming one of the biggest songs of the year so far.

“The shit y’all say about me would drive me crazy if I didn’t already love myself,” Lil Nas X added in a follow-up tweet.

The release date for Lil Nas X’s debut album, Montero, is yet to be announced.