Monika Wilczynska

Alt-pop songstress Girli has shared news of her highly-anticipated EP, Why Am I Like This?, which will arrive in May.

The star has also released new tracks Imposter Syndrome and I Really F**ked It Up, plus the unheard Inner Child.

Speaking on her new release, Girli said: “I wrote Cheap Love about my first ever relationship I was in, when I was still a teenager. It’s about being in love on a budget; not having loads of money to take each other out for expensive dinners, or even having a car to pick them up in, but it doesn’t matter because being in love makes you feel richer than anyone else.

“It’s a love song to love; even if you do have the money to do those things, most of the time it’s not the cash being spent that makes it special, it’s actually just the time you get with that person that matters the most.”

Girli’s new EP, Why Am I Like This?, will be out on 12th May

Watch the official music video for Cheap Love below.