Carly Rae Jepsen has announced ‘The Loveliest Time’, a brand new album and companion project to her latest record ‘The Loneliest Time’.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the star to confirm new music given that her last two albums, ‘Dedicated’ and ‘Emotion’, were each followed by ‘Side B’ records made up of outtakes from the originals.

“At this point you know me so well that I won’t even tease about a b sides,” Carly wrote on Instagram on 6 July. “It’s almost disrespectful because you know that it’s coming. And in fact this is the time to announce that it’s here. It’s done and a month from now The Loveliest Time will be all yours. I can’t really call it a b sides as if these were cast off ideas – it’s the completed set to a body of work that taught me so much about love and loneliness and myself.”

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Carly explained that, in contrast to ‘The Loneliest Time’, this release reflects how she felt after the world “opened itself back up again”.

“It’s time for celebration and for all the lessons we have learned to burst into joyful action,” she told fans.

It is believed that Carly’s new disco-infused anthem, ‘Shy Boy’, will appear on the record.

‘The Loveliest Time’ will land less than a year after the release of ‘The Loneliest Time’ in October 2022.

The record reached an array of year-end lists collating the best albums of 2022, instantly becoming a fan favourite.

You can stream ‘Shy Boy’ below or by clicking here.