Obsessed is an understatement! 

Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat have finally released their music video for the 34+35 remix and we are gagged!

The video opens up with Ari sitting poolside before diving right into her iconic verse.

She is soon joined by Meg and Doja lounging and trading glasses of champagne.

As the video progresses we see the ladies in different parts of the hotel living it up, having fun and making home videos.

Both Doja and Meg deliver their verses effortlessly which highlight their penmanship and talent.

The video also has a comedic touch to it, with Grande stopping midway to order room service.

From the visual’s aesthetic to the dynamic chemistry between Ari, Meg and Doja, the 34+35 remix video is everything we could have wanted and more.

The new visual was first teased by Miss Grande on the first of February via her social media with the caption “happy february”.

The post featured behind the scenes photos from the video and the announcement of a deluxe version of her sixth album Positions.

Over the past week, the three artists continued to build hype around the release by posting BTS photos and clips.

Ari, Megan and Doja have had quite a busy 2020 and early 2021.

From number-one singles on Billboard and album releases to viral TikTok trends and epic collabs, the girls have stayed booked, busy and highly favoured.

Watch the full video for 34+35 remix below and listen to the track here!