YouTuber Khadi Don has come out in a new video to mark the end of Pride Month.

The comedian and YouTube star, who found fame on Vine, has been open about sexuality in her videos before, but this is the first time she has officially come out, explaining that she was “tired” of being asked the same question.

“The moment you have been waiting for… yes, I like girls,” Khadi says at the start of the video, in which she wears a t-shirt with the phrase “everyone’s gay” written across it in rainbow letters, and wraps a rainbow Pride flag around herself.

“It’s nothing new. To me its pretty fucking obvious,” she continues, explaining: “Honestly I don’t like to be put in a box. I love what I love and I like what I like – but I guess I’m gay.”

Khadi goes onto explain her reasoning for not coming out sooner, saying: “Straight people don’t gotta come out. You don’t hear straight people talking about, ‘Eh mom, I’ve got some news to break to you… I like girls’. Straight people don’t do it.”

Later in the video, Khadi records herself video calling her friends to ‘come out’ to them to prove that it’s never been a big deal in her life, with many of her friend asking, “So what?” or joking, “That’s not a secret!”