When it comes to stories about LGBTQ people Africa, way too often it’s about the persecution they face from the very people who are supposed to protect them.

However, on Valentine’s Day earlier this week came the most adorable scenes you’ll most likely witness all year.

A video of a schoolboy in South Africa stood in the school yard waiting to surprise his Valentine has started to go viral for all the right reasons.

As he waits with a bouquet of flowers, a gift and an ‘I Love You’ balloon, he is surrounded by all of his very excited school friends.

Moments later another schoolboy emerges from the building to excited screams, and the two embrace before kissing each other on the lips.

Brendon Gumede shared the short clip with his 7,000 followers on Twitter, with many of the responses being full of support.


“This is so beautiful. Totally made my day,” Brendon stated.

“So brave n beautiful. Young love very beautiful,” one commenter said, while another added: “Love wins.”

Another commenter stated: “This just made my day, what a time to be alive indeed. High School is one of the most awkward phases for gay people. Good to see there is a generation that is going to grow up without dealing with such awkward environments.”

While being gay in certain parts of Africa is illegal, in South Africa same-sex couples can legally get married, adopt children and enjoy many human rights.

However, for 10 long years, South Africa’s Department of Justice has promised to enact a law to protect LGBTQ people and other vulnerable groups from hate crimes.

The bill is ready but the Minister of Justice, Michael Masutha, is in no rush to move it forward and allow Parliament to discuss it.

Our friends at All Out have launched a petition to to urge the minister to act sooner rather than later.

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