Warning: This article contains details about a sexual assault.

Adam Quinn Atwood, 34, who lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been arrested after raping a lesbian in his family’s home, telling her that he was “going to fix the gay.”

Deseret News reports that Atwood was arrested, under investigation for object rape, forcible sodomy, kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault and forcible sexual abuse.

The victim told police that she’d been visiting a friend, and that when her friend went to sleep, Atwood began sitting “closer and closer” to her.

A police affidavit says: “(The woman) stated the suspect began touching and grabbing her.” This is when the sexual assault started, with Atwood asking her “if she was sure she didn’t like it” and “if she was sure she was gay.”

The victim managed to escape and attempted to flee the house, but Atwood “grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced her back into the house.” He then took her down to the basement, choked her and sexually assaulted her again.

The victim repeatedly told Atwood she wasn’t into men, but he “told her he was going to fix the gay” before raping her. After more physical and sexual abuse, the woman was able to escape, and this time got to her car.

The affidavit noted: “(She) stated she made it to her vehicle and as she locked the doors the suspect ran up to the car and yelled, ‘You better not tell anyone.'”

Police said that the victim had injuries that matched her report, and that the attack was under investigation as a possible hate crime. When they arrested Atwood he told police: “I did not rape anyone.”

Earlier this month, several South African teenagers were arrested after they gang raped a lesbian in an attempt to ‘correct’ her sexuality. The 25-year-old unnamed woman was attacked at the end of February, just one day before the Cape Town Pride Festival.

A 14-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy have been arrested in connection with the attack, but a third suspect, identified as Boofie, is still at large, according to Colonel Daiwood Laing, the station commander for Grassy Park.