Henry Mills

Trans Awareness Week is in full swing and celebrities and politicians alike have been sharing their support for trans people.

Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North and former Leader of the Labour Party, tweeted: “The resilience of trans people in the face of endless marginalisation is an inspiration to us all.

“This #TransAwarenessWeek, let’s empower trans communities in their struggle for justice, and celebrate their strength and joy.

“There is no debate: trans rights are human rights.”

Nadia Whittome, MP for Nottingham East, posed with a trans pride flag emblazoned with ‘Nottingham Against Transphobia’.

“As a feminist, I’m proud to call trans women my sisters. As a queer person, I stand against any attempt to divide the LGBT+ community,” she said.

The tallest free standing tower in the world, colloquially known as ‘Old Joe’ in its hometown of Birmingham, has changed its clock face to pink and blue – the colours of the trans flag – to raise awareness.

Alok Vaid-Menon, a poet, performer and activist, posted a clip from their appearance on the ‘The Man Enough Podcast’ in 2021, challenging the false idea that trans people are a ‘new’ phenomenon.

They also shared information about American legislation banning cross-dressing, which effectively criminalised trans people in public spaces.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission acknowledged Trans Awareness Week, but received criticism from members of the trans community for doing so due to controversy surrounding what Stonewall has called its “anti-trans stance”.

LGBT Consortium has launched an online art exhibition celebrating Trans Awareness this week, with artworks by 42 trans and non-binary artists featured. 

Oestrogeneration and Galdem launched a new collaboration titled ‘A New Legacy’ to uplift transfeminine writers of colour, beginning with an Instagram Live on 17 November about the changing narratives of trans liberation. 

Queer Britain, the first national LGBTQ+ museum in the UK, shared a series of visitor statements supporting trans people.

One visitor declared, “Dykes for trans rights,” highlighting the support from the wider LGBTQ+ community. 

“Trans siblings from Bulgaria,” said another, recognising the international struggle for trans recognition. 

The co-chair of All Party Parliamentary LGBT+ Group, Dame Angela Eagle MP, aligned her support of trans people with her identity as a feminist: “It’s important that we all stand in support of our trans siblings under continuous attack.”

Trans Awareness Week 2022 takes place 13-19 November, with Transgender Day of Remembrance on 22 November.