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Too Hot to Handle star Francesa Farago and TikToker Jesse “Sulli” Sullivan have announced that they are engaged.

The couple shared “a glimpse into the most magical night ever” as they shared the news in a collaborative post on Instagram.

“Obsessed with our family.. What is life!!” part of the caption read.

Images show Francesca in a champagne-coloured dress and Jesse in a black suit as they celebrated their engagement with loved ones.

Jesse is best known for his presence on TikTok, while Francesca has appeared in several reality TV shows, such as Too Hot to Handle, Perfect March and Love is Blind: After the Altar.

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“I reached a point where I wasn’t sure if I wanted to remain in the house anymore because I just didn’t know if there was someone for me there,” she told Variety when discussing what it was like to take part in Perfect Match.

“I knew who was there, men-wise, and I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can waste anyone’s time by continuing to match with these men that I know I’m not going to get along with.’

“Then, I found out there was a possibility of me being matched with a female, and I was like, ‘In that case, I will stay for that.’ I wasn’t even sure if it was going to happen because it was a heterosexual show.

“But I’m glad that it happened, and I’m glad that that relationship happened as well. I kind of just switched up the game.”

She and Jesse began dating in July 2021, though took a break in 2022 which is when Francesca appeared on Perfect Match.

The two got back together sometime after that.