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Katie Hopkins has mocked Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black’s relationship on Twitter.

When they made the announcement on Valentine’s Day that they’d be having a baby together, Tom and Dustin faced hate from not only homophobes and right-wing press, where it’s almost expected, but also from fellow LGBTQ people.

In a column for the Daily Mail, right-wing journalist Richard Littlejohn joked that someone should “pass [him] the sick bag” after seeing a photo of their ultrasound scan on social media, and accused them of pulling a ‘publicity stunt’ with the baby.

Now that Tom and Dustin have revealed the sex of their unborn baby (it’s a boy!), the couple have faced even more hate, this time from controversy-courting media personality Katie Hopkins – no surprise there, then.

“And with Amazon Prime Now they get free next day delivery,” she tweeted in response to the baby news, mocking their decision to have a child via a surrogate mother.

Responding to the hateful comment, Dustin tried to educate on the process of surrogacy.

“For any who care to understand this process, surrogacy for gay & straight parents as well as most pregnancies requiring medical assistance can take years longer than those that don’t,” he wrote.

“And pregnancies requiring medical help come with their very own hopes, heartbreaks & joy.”

And he wasn’t the only one to hit back at Katie, although Tom took a slightly more sassy approach with his reply…

“It’s actually a 2 hour delivery service. Not next day. Sorry hun. Love ya babez,” he wrote.

Katie replied: “As fast as that? Bless you and your one-click baby order. Women labour hard so we may know the pain of love. Knowing the pain of loss is a different thing, lovely man. Only YOU can heal it.”

“LOVE is the only winner at the end of the day,” Tom fired back, “not the hate you spread.”

Dustin Lance Black covered Gay Times for our January 2018 issue earlier this year, and spoke about the time he first met the man who would become his future husband.

“I met him in the United States and I think he’s more well known there now than he was,” he revealed.

“And so I didn’t know, I wasn’t aware, that he was beloved in the way that he is here. I mean I found him really charming and lovely and, obviously, fell madly in love with him right from the beginning.

“But I had no idea that so many people in his home country were also in love with him. It wasn’t until I came to visit here many months later that I realised.”

He added: “We went out for a dinner and there were paparazzi trailing him and people coming up to him asking for pictures.

“At this point I’ve made films with Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn and James Franco. I’ve been around some very well known people in public and I had never seen that.

“Someone might come up and ask Leonardo DiCaprio for an autograph or a photo, but there was a different level of intimacy with how Tom was approached which I found so cute.

“There is this sense that he’s the nation’s son. And I said, ‘Boy, that’s incredibly intimate and really sweet. Don’t take that for granted.’ And I don’t think he does, so I don’t find it intimidating, I find it really sweet for the most part.”

You can read the full interview with Dustin Lance Black in the January 2018 issue of Gay Times here.