Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have hit back at those who criticised their use of a surrogate mother.

The couple welcomed their son, Robert, into the world on 27 June. The pair used surrogacy, which resulted in a disappointing backlash from homophobes and bigots who questioned their use of the practice.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Tom and Dustin opened up about the negativity they’ve faced for using a surrogate instead of adopting, claiming that straight couples using a surrogate wouldn’t receive the same backlash.

“Lots of people say, ‘Why don’t you adopt?’. You wouldn’t say that to a straight couple. You wouldn’t say: ‘Why do you deserve to have a biological kid?’,” argued Tom.

One of the criticisms thrown towards Tom and Dustin is the belief that surrogate mothers are ‘used’ for their bodies and then cast aside, but Tom assured that the process is fully consensual, and that they are still in contact with their surrogate.

“She becomes such a massive part of your life for those nine months,” he said. “You’re only matched with people who have the same desire. Some don’t want long-term relationships [with the parents]. We talk to ours all the time.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Dustin spoke about the different views towards surrogacy in his home country, arguing that people in the US are much more accepting of it than those in the UK.

“I was very surprised by the reaction because so many people I know have done it,” he said.

“In the US it was all positive, but I think that’s because it’s a different system. Laws are in place there, protections are in place, there is a better understanding, I think law can help lead to understanding.”

It was recently announced that Tom is making a documentary, expected to air on the BBC next year, which will see the Olympian and his filmmaker husband Dustin discuss the struggles and blessings they’ve been through when having a child.

“Surrogacy changed Tom and Dustin’s life, but as proven by the backlash they received it’s still a divisive subject, particularly where LGBT couples are concerned,” a source told The Sun.

“With this documentary, Tom hopes to broaden minds, discover exactly why people are against surrogacy, and – after keeping a dignified silence so far – challenge some of his fiercest critics head on.”

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