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Tom Brusse, a European reality TV star, made a major revelation about his sexuality during an appearance on a Spanish talk show.

Over the weekend, Brusse appeared on Sunday Deluxe where he was the star of the polygraph segment of the episode.

It sees the show’s guests be asked questions as they are hooked up to a lie detector machine to see whether or not they are telling the truth.

When directly asked if he had ever had sex with a man, the former Island of Temptations star answered “no” before the machine declared his answer a lie.

“I have to say that Tom is lying,” one of the hosts declares as Brusse jumps out of his seat and begins running around the set.

Before speaking candidly about exploring his sexuality, Brusse says “the machine did not work” before someone working on the show denies this.

The 29-year-old then affirms that he has actually had sex with another man: “I like to try everything, I try everything, as in food … And that’s it.”

According to Spanish news website el Periodico, he continued: “It was a few months ago, in an orgy.

“I did it to him, he didn’t to me and I felt something very similar to penetration of women.

“I’m not going to say I didn’t like it,” he concluded.

When hosts asked if he would do it again, Brusse seemed open to the possibility: “If it happens again, it happens.”

The incredibly honest discussion was rounded out by the star discussing his sex life more generally with the hosts.

Brusse added: “I have been in orgies, in Marbella and Madrid, I have also done threesomes, I have cheated on all my partners, it is something that I regret the next day but that I go back to do it over and over again.”


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