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Apple is designing face shields for medical workers.

In an effort to support essential frontline staff during the coronavirus pandemic affecting the world, Apple have sourced over 20 million face masks through their global supply chain, and they’ll be donated “to places of greatest need”.

Apple have also brought together product designers, engineering, operations, packaging teams and suppliers to design, produce and ship their own face shields for health workers, CEO Tim Cook announced in a video shared on Twitter.

“The feedback from doctors was very positive,” he said. The company are expected to ship over one million face shields this week, and one million per week after that.

“We are closely coordinating with medical professionals and government officials across the US to get these to where they’re needed most urgently. We hope to quickly expand distribution beyond the US,” Cook said.

“Our focus is on unique ways Apple can help meeting essential needs of caregivers urgently and at a scale the circumstances require. For Apple, this is a labour of love and gratitude, and we will share more of our efforts over time.”

Cook then reiterated the official advice from health organisations by asking viewers to stay home and practice social distancing to help stop the spread of the virus.

“Thank you for all you’re doing to help in your own lives, and thank you again to those on the front lines of this fight. Stay safe, and stay healthy,” he concluded.

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