Angel Cox-Colbert took to Facebook after seeing the harassment one of her daughter’s friends faced.

Speaking to LGBTQ Nation, Cox-Colbert spoke of her daughter’s friend who was facing a backlash on Facebook after he came out as gay. “I read the thread of his post. No one was threatening or aggressive. It was a lot of religious rhetoric which is aggressive in a ‘nice’ way,” she said.

“My heart sank and blood boiled with each comment,” she added.

Cox-Colbert then took to her own Facebook to counter the hate that her daughter’s friend was receiving.

In a status, she wrote a do’s and don’t’s list of how to react: “My daughter has a friend who has come out as gay. She has told me some of the backlash she has seen on his fb wall because of it. Here’s a few do’s and don’ts to be a better human being.

“Don’t: Don’t say “I don’t agree with or condone that lifestyle” when someone comes out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer. They’re not asking for your permission. They are simply sharing a little bit of themselves to you. Respect that.

“Do: Do say, “ok” when you find you can’t be supportive.

“Don’t: Don’t bring up religion. Do you REALLY think in this day and age this person hasn’t heard just how much God hates homosexuality? Really? Seriously, really?! I guarantee I can find things in the Bible that doesn’t coincide with YOUR life just as easily. Just don’t be THAT person. Besides, you also shouldn’t assume everyone believes in the same things as you.

“Do: Do say, “ok” when you find you can’t be supportive.

She finished her post saying: “To my friends, family, any of my children’s friends, or a complete stranger for that matter: if you’re gay, lesbian, transgender, or queer, I got you. You’re safe with me. You’re supported. You’re loved.”

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Cox-Colbert then put the Pride flag emoji at the end of the post.

Her post has met with masses of support, with one Facecook user writing: ” I know you say there are others who support us (the LGBTQ community) and there are, but to go so visible in your support is a huge thing, not to be minimized in any way!

“Our allies have their own “coming out” as well and are also subject to persecution. Many supporters/allies of the LGBTQ community are still afraid to speak up for fear of that persecution and danger.

“It is a loving and courageous act to speak out for us, one that I appreciate greatly. Lets not forget to support our allies too. Many do not realize it can be as hard for them to “come out” as it is for us LGBTQ people.

“Thank you Angel and to all of our allies, for your history-making support!”