Pucker up!

Last week, National Student Pride released a video in which five LGBTQ students stripped off to talk about their body image.

Charlie Ann Mathers, who took part in the video, said: “It’s quite nerve-wracking standing in front of a camera rig, lights and a group of people that have never seen you in less than a woolly jumper.

“But it was honestly one of the most liberating things I have ever done. By the end of it I was dancing around in my pants, and there were even some happy tears.”

And now, GLAAD have released a video in a similar vein. Celebrating, Valentine’s Day, they asked three of their college campus ambassadors to discuss their “first queer make out” story.

In the video, Taylor Dolniak revealed that theirs took place in a “woodshop class”, saying that it was only a “three second peck”, but confessed that they felt that the moment was a “turning point” for them. They added that since seventh grade, they had “taken on a whole new identity”, adding that they were “so much more comfortable with who I am.”

Andre Menchavez said that his first kiss was in a “movie theater” with a senior. He went on to say: “Being gay, for me, was always something that was seen as a question or a phase.

“But that first kiss really solidified that I was gay, and it made me comfortable with that label.”

Rosemary Mulvey said that hers took place at a party, while she was on a date with a boyfriend, during a game of spin-the-bottle. The bottle landed on a girl, who Mulvey confesses she still doesn’t know the name of. After the kiss, Mulvey said that realised there was more to her than “being bisexual or straight.”

“I was actually a queer woman, and it was a pretty big wake-up call, for me, because I realised I really wasn’t happy in a relationship with a man.”

Watch the video below: