Get the tissues at the ready.

For his latest video, YouTube star Davey Wavey asked a group of elders from the LGBTQ community to write and read aloud a letter to their 18 year old selves, and the results will leave you in tears – both happy and sad.

“Your first memorable encounter with gay people will be to witness a police raid on a gay bar,” explains one woman from the LGBT Community Centre of the Desert, who helped bring the video together.

Others address the homophobia they’ll experience, the fact that being gay was illegal when they were younger, and the arrival of the AIDS epidemic.

But of course it’s not all negative, as most of the elders have experienced self-acceptance and also acceptance from those around them, as the world has slowly but surely changed in terms of attitudes and laws.

“It’s very difficult for you to have a vision of what your life will be like, [but] I’m pleased to tell you that you’re happy, married to a wonderful man, and have two dogs, a cat, and a mortgage,” says one man on how his life has changed.

Another ends with this excellent advice: “Be brave, be strong, and most importantly be true to yourself.”

Watch the video below.