It’s great this time of year. The sun is out, the city is buzzing with energy and people are out in full force. While we know most of you will be soaking it up in parks and dipping in pools we thought we’d give you the heads up on somewhere we thoroughly enjoyed visiting!

Lokhandwala is definitely a restaurant you need to visit whenever you find yourself in London. With a decor that harks back to Colonial India, you’re guaranteed to be wowed from the moment you walk in.



Lohkandwala, prior to the restaurant’s existence, is a highly sought-after and aspired-to suburb in Mumbai. Currently, many Bollywood movie stars reside there (you’re welcome for that little nugget of information), and true to form, the quality of food and highly attentive staff are truly reflective of the suburb after which the restaurant is named. You are made to feel welcome, at ease and as though no request is too great.

It’s the perfect place to cool off, catch up and chow down!




All of the food (and mind you, there was a lot as the restaurant is generous with their servings) was delicious and rich and more so, felt completely authentic. You could tell that no corners were cut from recipe to presentation.



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