Cecilie Johnsen

Led by a group of LGBTQ+ Lebanese expats and allies, an event has been set up to raise relief funds for those impacted by the recent Beirut blast.

Taking place on Saturday 22 August, the socially distanced event will go ahead at the Bell Pub in Whitechapel. Packed with an evening of live performances, art and drag, it’s all been put together to show support for Beirut, its people, and it’s reconstruction.

If you’re interested in getting involved, Beirut with Pride are offering tickets to attend the event in-person or you can share your support over a virtual live stream. Due to the pandemic, the number of venue-based tickets are limited to 40, while there are a further 300 available for the livestream.

Kicking off at 6:30PM, all proceeds raised during the fundraiser will be donated to four selected local NGOs, including a campaign to help trans and non-binary residents impacted by the blast.

Founded and organised by Danny Nasr, the London-based gay Lebanese expat explains why he put this fundraiser together: “I wanted to do something that would not only make a difference in the lives of Beirutis who have been affected by the blast, but also bridge that gap to let Lebanese people know that no matter where are in the world, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them — especially our LGBTQ+ siblings.

“The queer community has a proud history of international solidarity, and we want to continue that tradition. This queer collective fund will allow us to reach the most vulnerable impacted by the crisis, with proceeds going to medical, food, housing and mental health support, as well as provide direct support to LGBTQ+ relief funds.”

So, whether you’d prefer to attend the Bell Pub in-person, opt for the digital livestream, or don’t want to go at all, you can still support Beirut With Pride through the campaign’s fundraiser at their GoFundMe page.