“They need support now more than ever.”

Tanya Compas has launched a campaign to help support Black queer youth in London.

The Exist Loudly Fund will raise money for digital and online workshops, as well as providing queer Black youth with “a space for joy, space for community, space to find chosen family and a space to explore their identity.”

According to the GoFundMe page, just £13 will cover the cost of one person to attend an online workshop, £35 will cover one mentoring session and £50 will cover the cost one queer Black person to attend a group activity.

£350 will cover the cost of a day of mentoring, £400 will cover the cost of a workshop facilitator/speaker, £1000 will cover one outing for a group of up to 20 queer Black young people and £1100 will cover one month of programming.


Finally, the end goal of £10,000 would cover the total cost of setting up Exist Loudly as a CIC organisation.

Any extra money raised will go towards Tanya’s “passion project” Queer Black Christmas, an annual celebration for Black queer youth who are homeless or have a strained relationship with their family.

“Young people are provided with a 3 course meal, a gift worth up to £50, tonnes of gifts and money to cover travel for young people coming from both London and outside of London,” she explained.

After just 13 hours, the fundraise has already accumulated over £9000.

You can donate to the Exist Loudly Fund here.