Taimi, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ dating platform, has launched a brand new campaign that focuses on uniqueness and diversity.

In a series of videos for the campaign, titled Home of Diversity, the social network showcases all corners of the vibrant LGBTQ+ community and offers behind-the-scenes insight into the platform.

The advertisements also highlights all the aspects of the Taimi universe with a gorgeous visual picture.

Helen Virt, Taimi’s Head of Business Development, said it was important for them to have “all sides of Taimi covered in the ads,” which also touch upon the “importance of safety on the platform”.

“The viewers will get to see the streams, the dating, the socializing – all showcased in colorful creative pieces,” she said, before adding that all of Taimi’s staff contributed to the development of the campaign, particularly Taimi’s founder Alex Pasykov and co-founder Jake Vygnan.

The former said: “We definitely want to make sure that our users know we are there for them. Many products have a distinct separation between the corporate world and the user experience.

“We definitely want to blur the lines, our users have a direct impact on the product. They are an integral part of Taimi as a platform.”

The ads were created by Patsany, a creative solutions and production agency that specialises in the development of advertising campaigns, branding and communication strategies.

Their aim was to depict Taimi’s mission statement of communication.

Dmitry Iatsyna, Creative Director at Patsany Agency, explained: “The main tool in creating a campaign was our direct communication with the platform’s users.

“We wanted to understand down to the smallest detail what they like about the app, how they feel it, what kind of experience Taimi brings to them.”

Taimi, who was recently recognised by GAY TIMES for its efforts to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people around the world, expanded their services recently with several new features.

Half a year after live streams were introduced onto the platform, it was revealed that users from around the world participated in over a million unique live-streaming sessions.

The total duration surpassed 30 years worth of live-streaming.

You can watch Taimi’s stunning new campaign here or below.