The event failed to draw the 2,000 people it claimed it would.

In June, it was announced that some far-right bigots were attempting to hold their own Straight Pride event in Boston. The event has gone ahead, but like one held in Modesto it was outnumbered by counter-protesters.

Super Happy Fun America organised the event, and tried to get numerous endorsements, but they were turned down by Brad Pitt, Chris Evans, Netflix and TripAdvisor.

The event, which claimed to have 2,000 people signing up to attend, was only attended by hundred protesters. Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that over 1,000 counter-protesters showed up.

Marchers showed how little they cared about the main idea of Straight Pride, as many marched with banners in support of Tr*mp instead. Although some held banners saying ‘It’s okay to be straight.’

Protesters shouted “Nazi scum” and “Boston hates you” as protesters went past on their route. Shops that were along the route also hung messages in support of the LGBTQ community.

At a speech, that was mainly drowned out by counter-protesters, the organiser of the event, John Hugo claimed not to be anti-gay. However, the rally allowed people to speak to the crowd to complain about LGBTQ-inclusive education and LGBTQ children.

Other speakers said the event would become an annual one, with a possible repeat performance around Christmas.

Buzzfeed reporter Ryan Broderick tweeted that only 75 Straight Pride ‘activists’ were present at the speeches given on the main stage.

Unlike the Modesto rally which was mostly peaceful, there were 36 arrests at the rally, mostly involving counter-protesters. Counter-protesters claim that the police used pepper spray to control the crowds. Four police officers were also injured.

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