Stonewall Housing have launched a new campaign to amplify the voices and experiences of LGBTQ+ homelessness.

With Pride events around the world cancelled due to growing concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, many vulnerable members of the community will miss the chance to celebrate with their chosen families.

For charities such as Stonewall Housing, they rely on activities during Pride to be visible within the community and the general public to create partnerships and revenue in order to keep their life-saving services afloat.

To make sure their message doesn’t get lost during this time, Stonewall Housing have created a Pride 2020 video initiative with their ambassadors to “ensure that we are visible even without a parade.”

Established in 1983, the charity have provided shelter for tens of thousands of queer people. Every day, they support 40 young LGBTQ+ people in their housing and deliver a free housing advice helpline to LGBTQ+ people of all ages.

They also assist with advice surgeries for LGTBQ+ people, deliver specialist and awareness training for social housing staff and tenants, as well as consultation and information to other agencies about issues with LGBTQ+ housing.

According to their website, their mission statement is “challenging discrimination, listening actively, raising voice, pioneering approaches, recognising diversity, working together and delivering value.”

Watch Stonewall Housing’s incredible new campaign below.

To donate to Stonewall Housing’s life-changing service, visit here. You can also keep up with their journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.