Come through LGBTQ+ protection! 

In a monumental move for LGBTQ+ rights, Spain is looking to create a law that will give out fines to anyone who is promoting or selling conversion therapy.

According to a report from Euroweekly News, the new policy, which is currently in the draft stage, has been put forward by the Irene Montero of the Ministry of Equality.

In the document, it describes conversion therapy as “the practice of aversion, conversion or counter-condition methods, programmes and therapies” that try and modify a person’s sexual orientation.

If this new law passes, any businesses practising conversion therapy can face criminal offence charges and a fine up to €10,000.

The document also lists misinformation or demeaning coverage of the LGBTQ+ community in textbooks as an offence.

If a school uses textbooks that “present people as superior or inferior in human dignity based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual characteristics” they will be fined.

For victims of same-sex violence, the law will give people LGBTQ+ people access to legal protection, housing and assistance.

The law also gives protection to intersex people banning “genital modification”, which is operations on newborns who are born with male and female reproductive organs.

Parents can also wait to have the baby’s sex identified for one year on the civil registry.

If this law passes this will be a monumental win for Spain’s LGBTQ+ community.

Irene Montero met with congress in Madrid on Wednesday to discuss the new law.