The veteran actor had a beautiful response to the teen influencer’s coming out.

Last week, teen influencer and singer JoJo Siwa confirmed fan speculation about her sexuality when she posted a picture of herself in a T-shirt, reading “Best. Gay. Cousin.”

Her coming out was applauded by a wide range of celebrities including Lil Nas X, Adam Rippon and Trixie Mattel, as well as others noting how important her coming out would be for her young fanbase.

And now, veteran actor Sir Ian McKellen has also added his congratulations. In a sweet post, he wrote: “I hope @itsjojosiwa puts aside any negative reaction to her coming-out, at a time when she deserves praise and empathy for taking control of her life in such a public way.”

JoJo has already had to swat away homophobes as one hateful mother said she’d stop her daughter from ever watching JoJo’s videos because of her coming out.

A few hours later, Siwa responded in the best possible way. Unbothered, Siwa simply hit back, “Okay!” Her comment was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception, amassing over 20,000 likes. Homophobes, be gone!

Fans were swept away by Sir Ian’s tweet, with one writing: “a king supporting a queen.”

Another added: “I applaud standing up for bravery and may this attitude help other people to open up so that they will soon be free and happy with the person they chose.”

While a third said: “@IanMcKellen you have always been my favorite actor, for both your amazing talent but also for you incredible heart and soul. You’ve always been an inspiration to me and my friends/family, @itsjojosiwa is incredibly brave and deserves nothing more then to live a happy life.”

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