Saudi Arabia is continuing its drive to attract more tourists by reassuring LGBTQ+ visitors that they are “welcome” – despite homosexuality being punishable by death in the country.

The website of the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) appears to have updated its Q&A section on whether or not LGBTQ+ tourists can visit.

“Everyone is welcome to visit Saudi Arabia and visitors are not asked to disclose such personal details,” it says.

Exactly when the update took place is unclear and, according to CNN, an archived version of the website from 14 March did not display the question or its answer.

Sexual activity between people of the same sex is an offence in Saudi Arabia and Human Dignity Trust, an organisation that campaigns for LGBTQ+ rights, has reported that there are “consistent reports of discrimination and violence” against LGBTQ+ people there.

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Although social attitudes in Saudi Arabia often do not align with the law, the aforementioned organisation said there is “substantial evidence of the law being enforced” and transgender people can also face prosecution.

Darren Burn, CEO of Out of Office, a luxury travel planning service for LGBTQ+ people, and Travel Gay, the largest queer travel platform, told CNN that LGBTQ+ tourists “spend more money in a destination than heterosexual couples” and “travel more times a year” on average.

“It’s a very interesting and lucrative demographic, and countries are ploughing major revenue into [attracting] it,” he explained.

“My concern is what the reality is like in the destination”

He also stated that countries where being LGBTQ+ is criminalised need to make assurances to members of the community in order to encourage them to travel there.

“It’s pretty vague, and doesn’t offer the assurances that would make me feel able to send our clients safely to the destination, but anything on the website about LGBT travellers is a good starting point,” Burn added, referring to STA’s website update.

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“I can’t think of another Middle Eastern tourist board that has even mentioned them, except Qatar in the run-up to the World Cup, and even that was vague, saying that everyone was welcome.

“But my concern is what the reality is like in the destination. Are they saying that a same-sex couple can check into a hotel and get a double bed without any issues? My hunch would be that that’s not the reality.”