“I will live with those who accept me and those who reject me – I know it will be a daily battle.”

Rwandan gospel singer Albert Nabonibo has come out as gay.

He opened up about his sexuality in an interview with a Christian YouTube channel earlier this week, and said he was ready for the backlash due to Africa’s conservative, anti-gay views in regards to homosexuality.

“There are many like me, even in churches, the fact is that they hide it because of the mentality of the faithful and the community and for their safety,” he said in a recent interview with the BBC.

“I feel sorry for people like me who live in fear, they should go out to be heard, because we have to be treated like other people.

“Some have insulted me, some have called me crazy and some stupid, but there are some who understand me, like my brother who always encouraged me to be who I am. I will live with those who accept me and those who reject me.

Nabonibo said he will continue “singing for God” although he knows “it will be a daily battle.”

In Rwanda, homosexuality and homosexual acts are not illegal. However, there are no laws in place to protect LGBTQ residents from anti-hate speech or discrimination in the workplace. Same-sex marriage isn’t recognised.