It’s a situation that many of us will have been in at some point in our lives.

We’re with a group a people, when you suddenly realise that you’re the only LGBTQ person present. But then, what dawns on you further is that no one else around knows your sexuality.

It’s almost like you’re a spy in this scenario.

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And that’s exactly what Tumblr user, orcasoup thought when they posted: “those moments when straight people assume you’re one of them and you feel like a gay secret agent.”

Tumblr users then came pouring in, offering their own puns on the situation. One wrote “lesbionage”, with another going for “bi spy” and a third chiming in with “it’s an ace case.”

Another user offered up “secret gaygent”, and a final contributor came up with the phrase “Pan with a Plan.”

The post currently has over 327,000 notes on the social media site. And that’s not where the story ends, as part of the post was posted on Reddit, where it has gotten around 1,500 up votes.

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