While the world continues to search for a solution to the current global pandemic, the LGBTQ+ community has found themselves disproportionately impacted by the virus.

Recent research conducted by the LGBT Foundation revealed the extent to which queer people have suffered during this time of self isolation and social distancing.

Key findings include 8% of LGBTQ+ people not feeling safe where they are currently staying during lockdown, while 42% would like access to mental health support.

What’s more, 18% of LGBTQ+ respondents were concerned that the current global crisis would lead to alcohol or substance abuse.

These findings also highlighted issues around homelessness, access to healthcare and eating disorders.

To raise awareness of the challenges LGBTQ+ people face during lockdown, advertising agency The Gate have teamed up with the LGBT Foundation for a powerful new film.

Locked Down and Out has been launched during Pride Month and stars Miya Ocego as a young trans girl living with her intolerant mother.

It was produced in partnership with FRIEND and was directed by Lucrecia Toarmina.

“With Locked Down and Out, we’re hoping to shine a light on the experiences of LGBT people and the impact that the pandemic is having on their lives,” said Paul Martin OBE, Chief Executive of LGBT Foundation.

“Perhaps the starkest figure is that 8% of LGBT people do not feel safe where they are currently staying. This includes 9% of BAME LGBT people, 15% of disabled LGBT people, 17% of trans people and 17% of non-binary people.

“To think about how many people that must encompass, and what every single one of these people must be going through right now, is truly heartbreaking.

“I hope that after seeing this film any LGBT person out there watching knows that life may be incredibly difficult right now, and it may seem like life will be difficult for a long time to come, but there is support out there and we’ll always be here to listen if you need us.

“With your support we can continue to offer vital services including our helpline, to those most in need.”

The LGBT Foundation is currently fundraising to continue the work they do to support queer people during this current crisis and beyond.

A donation of £5 could help them run and online group for isolated LGBTQ+ people, while £10 could help them continue to run their helpline which a vital resource for those most vulnerable in the community.

Click here to find out more information about the fundraiser and to make a donation.