Post Office staff members are being praised as LGBTQ+ icons for shutting down homophobes on Twitter.

Courtney, Ryan, Stephen and several others from the company’s social media team have used their combined wit and sarcasm to effortlessly fend off anti-gay customers and educate them on the beauty of the LGBTQ+ community.

The homophobic vitriol started after the official Twitter account for Post Office shared an interview with one of their queer staff members, Emma, to reaffirm their commitment to LGBTQ+ people and Pride Month.

“Pride is the community feel for me, it’s bringing people together,” Emma says in the video. “I’d love the day where I don’t have to put that label on myself. I just think you fall in love with who you fall in love with.”

Sadly, the heartfelt video attracted many ignorant responses, with one user branding Emma as a “degenerate”.

This is when Courtney stepped in. “Do you honestly think it’s okay to speak about my colleague like that?” she hit back.

“Your comment is absolutely disgusting. You don’t know Emma personally to even comment on the type of woman she is, so please don’t respond unless you have something positive to say.”

© Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Pride In London

Another user said the LGBTQ+ community “creep him out” and Courtney didn’t stand for it, like at all.

“How original, I’ve never heard that one before,” she responded with a disgusted emoji face. “What’s so creepy about a human being falling in love with someone of the same sex? The LGBTQ+ community are no different to straight people.”

One person asked how Emma’s video factors into delivering the post, to which Ryan replied: “We’re proud to support Pride, diversity and inclusion are important values at Post Office. We are extremely proud that our colleagues feel able to share their journey with us as part of celebrating our diversity towards an inclusive supportive society.”

Stephen added: “These posts are celebrating Pride like many communities are, and as part of that we are proud to be sharing stories from our colleagues to celebrate our diversity towards an inclusive supportive society.”

In response to their tweets ‘offending’ customers, Ryan said: “If we are offending people by standing up for the LGBTQ+ community then so be it. It’s a very sad world we live in where 2 people falling in love with each other will offend someone.”

After one Twitter user called Courtney and Emma legends, Courtney responded: “Emma’s definitely up there with the legends, she’s a true inspiration and advocate for Pride. I feel so proud to work alongside her.”

Since the video was posted, the team – especially our new queero Courtney – have been tacking down homophobes left right and centre, and Gay Twitter has been living for it – see some of the Post Office’s best clapbacks below.