The actress made the announcement on her Twitter feed earlier this morning.

Pose star Indya Moore has come out as poly on her Twitter feed. However, it is unclear as to whether the actress means that she is polyamorous, meaning that she may take more than one partner, or polysexual, which is an attraction to multiple but not all genders.

Making the announcement on Twitter, she simply wrote: “So, I realized i’m poly.” She finished the post with a crying face emoji and a shrugging emoji.

Many fans offered their support with a variety of gifs.

Following the announcement that the Trump administration had plans to legally erase transgender people, Moore was one of the many celebrities who responded to the announcement.

Speaking at a protest rally held by Voices4 in New York City, Pose actress she gave a rousing call to arms against the bigotry the trans community faces from the current administration.

“There is a spiritual war. It attacks our hearts, our souls and most importantly our bodies,” she said. “We are at the mercy of someone’s political opinion and that is not okay.

And back in July it was confirmed that the critically acclaimed series Pose, in which Moore plays the transgender sex worker Angel had been renewed for a second season.

A spokesperson for FX said: “As television critics have universally acknowledged, there is simply nothing like Pose on TV, so effortlessly excelling on every creative level and earning a place in television history for its infectiously inclusive spirit.

“We are honored to partner with our producers Ryan, Brad Falchuk, Steven Canals, Nina Jacobson, Brad Simpson, Steven Canals, Alexis Martin Woodall and Sherry Marsh, and the incredible cast and crew to continue this groundbreaking journey that is Pose.”

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