Same-sex marriage is only legal in certain areas of Mexico.

The political party Morena, also known as the National Regeneration Movement, is looking to introduce a bill that will legalise same-sex marriage in the State of Mexico, where the country’s capital city is.

The party had previously faced criticisms for not supporting same-sex marriage, and the party had even delayed a vote on a previous same-sex marriage bill. But after meeting with law and health experts, the party announced that it would be introducing a bill in the state’s Congress.

Speaking to the Mexican Huffington Post, Temístocles Villanueva, the party’s former national secretary for Sexual Diversity, said: “Morena’s initiative, of course, contemplates equal marriage, reinforces the rights and guarantees the inclusion of all, will be presented this and the idea is to vote on it soon.”

Villanueva also defended Morena over delaying the previous bill, saying that it had “conceptual errors.”

Same-sex marriage is only legal in certain states and cities in Mexico rather than country-wide, however laws could be changed so that Mexican same-sex couples who marry abroad will have their marriages recognised in the country.

Couples wishing to get married abroad currently have to go to a consulate to have them authorised and get marriage certificates, however, the consulates are able to reject them. Under the new proposed law, the consulates will no longer be allowed to block the marriages.

Despite Mexico having many LGBTQ rights, the country still isn’t the safest for the LGBTQ community. Earlier this year, three LGBTQ activists, Carlos Uriel Lopez, Roberto Vega and community leader Ruben Estrada were kidnapped and tortured by a group who abducted them from a nightclub. Their bodies were later found on a highway.

Evidence and witness testimonies suggest that the killings were motivated by an extortion plot. Four men have been arrested for possession of weapons and drugs, while another is a suspect in their murder.