He made the comments after a viewer urged him to ‘come out the closet.’

Piers Morgan has claimed that he’s “popular in the gay clubs” after an anonymous Good Morning Britain viewer sent a tweet urging him to ‘come out of the closet’ on live television.

Reading the tweet, Piers said: “Just had a text from Barry Brown. ‘Piers needs to come out of the closet, it’s obvious he’s gay. Stop all the rumours on national TV. Say you’re gay, then have a break in Mykonos with your lover. Out you come.'”

Piers noted that the account had zero followers and wasn’t following anyone, before co-host Susanna Reid asked if he’d been heading to the Freedom bar in Soho without her.

Piers responded by saying: “I have been to gay clubs in Soho with Susanna. I don’t want to comment at this stage Barry, you may be onto something.

“I do like Mykonos. I was quite popular in the gay clubs, actually. I was quite surprised.”

We’re sure that our readers will be equally as surprised as Piers was reading that.

Piers then joked: “Barry can spot it a mile off, he’s got his gaydars. I’m not gonna deny it, why would I? I’m just going to be out there. I’m, as my mother once put it, ambidextrous.”

Although Piers is sympathetic towards gay issues, including telling a doctor who was promoting gay ‘conversion’ therapy to “Shut up you old bigot,” when it comes to gender issues he’s incredibly problematic.

He regularly uses his position on Good Morning Britain to target gender non-binary people, and claimed last year that gender-fluidity was “damaging to society.”

In a Mail on Sunday piece he called the ‘gender fluid movement’ absurd, and also called it a “contagion” on Good Morning Britain. He has also repeatedly mis-gendered Sam Smith since they came out as gender non-binary, and targeted the singer after they appeared in a menswear campaign.